Upcycled End Table from Dresser Drawer

Upcycling project that transforms a trash dresser drawer into a chic and colorful bookshelf or end table.

DIY Sumac Spice

Learn how to forage and make your own sumac spice. Sumac is a wonderful bright red, lemon and tart spice used in Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian and Mediterranean food. Time consuming to make, but readily available in many areas of North America.


Sometimes, out of the blue, the realization just hits you that a person can mean more to you than anything else in the world. In fact, the world sorts of fades to the background as a sort of noise- you begin to define your life in terms of being with the person you love and…

Trout Fishing Project

A project to keep your fishing equipment in good order as well as display it attractively.

The Great American Eclipse

The Great American Eclipse was experienced by most of the North American continent. This was how we experienced it.

Badlands Petrified Gardens- South Dakota

An amazing roadside attraction near the Badlands National park with a amazing collection of fossilized trees, dinosaur fossils, and geological specimans. An excellent place to spend an afternoon!

Devil’s Tower National Monument-Wyoming

Devil’s Tower National Monument is an amazing and awe inspiring park in Wyoming. The tower is the ancient remains of a solidified volcano that rises hundred of feet above the Wyoming skyline. Definitely worth a visit.

Montauk State Park- Missouri

Montauk State Park in Missouri encompasses the headwaters of the Current river, and supports a large farmed and wild trout population. Great place for a family trip!

“Chicken” Two Ways

Vegetarian Fried “Chicken” and “Chicken Parm” recipes for the “Chicken of the Woods” mushroom, L. cincinnatus. Creative and delicious recipes for an amazing and usually abundant mushroom. Low carb, low calorie, high protein.