Modge podge table

My sweetie made me a bar height farm table out of some knotty pine 2x8s. It is an awesome table, however, they were some seriously resinous boards and the pine resin kept seeping through the paint.  Then they warped something fierce! No matter how many times we paint and seal it, it just seeps through. The net result is that it always looks like crap and we keep a table cloth on it.

Pine pitch just keeps leaching through!

We have also been getting ready for a yard sale and a major downsizing so we have been going through our stuff and purging. I have a HUGE box of road maps from a dozen years of road trips. Most of them are super tattered and falling apart, and honestly, in the days of GPS, who still needs road maps? I got the idea that I could Modge Podge the road maps onto the table. It could then seep its little heart out and warp away and I couldn’t care less.

I had already been experimenting with Modge Podge making “Morroccan Lamps” out of glass jars and glitter paint. It seemed easy enough to work with. I took my maps and at first I tried to cut them. That was a mistake. They didn’t want to lay flat. I finally started tearing them along the fold lines. I put a layer of some large USGS maps down first as a base layer, then I started adding other sections. The layers got smaller and smaller and I tried to put pieces that had highlights and noted on top. In the end, I cut the state names out of maps and the kids added them and small bits randomly around the table. Sadly, even though we have driven through Oklahoma dozens of times, we didn’t have a single Oklahoma map! Sad face!

Once it was done, I Modge Podged over the top to seal it (though this doesn’t waterproof it) and it looked AWESOME!!! I had to put a layer of polyurethane over it to protect it from moisture, but it is now waterproof. The best thing about this is that as we add road trips, we can add more layers to reflect that. We have already been eating on it for almost a week, and the kids spend hours looking at the maps and trying to guess what state it is, remember if we have been there, find highlights and notes… its been great and it looks great, too. Check it out!

Road trip table

Unfortunately, this also spurred a major Modge Podge addiction……  Like you would not imagine.

Evidence of road trips past!

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