My Modge Podge Addiction

I am not a person who is into conspicuous consumption.  I have spent far more attention on accumulating books than on how my furniture looks.  I do have a preference for midcentury furniture, particularly as it transitions out of Arts and Crafts and into Mod.  I like the clean lines of it and the emphasis on beauty through simplicity and nice wood.  When I bought the house seven years ago, we moved in with NOTHING but an echo.  Little at a time, we acquired a piece here and piece there.  The net result is that we have a jumble of 1950’s furniture with varying wood tones, lines and styles.

I recently covered the dining room table with road maps and Modge Podge.  From there, it was ON!! When I bought my house it came with a piano and a case of sheet music.  The sheet music has been in storage for years.  After the roadmap project, I thought that maybe I could tie all the different pieces of furniture together by Modge Podging the sheet music onto the surfaces.  This would protect them from further damage should I ever decide to refinish them, and it also adds an instant bang for very little buck.

I started with the coffee table. I think the girl found it at a yard sale 7 years ago for $3.


See what I mean about the surface being destroyed?  I started by cleaning it up really well.  Then I cut up about 6 sheets of music.  Working from one corner to the other I covered the entire surface with the sheet music.  It was so easy.

I let it dry a few minutes and then covered the sheet music with more Modge Podge.  I also discovered that if you thinned it out to an almost water like consistency it really revitalized the wood surface and repaired the damaged finish.  Then my daughter measured the small vertical rectangles on the front of the table and I put sheet music on that, and the bottom of the drawer.  I let it dry over night and then I sealed the top.  This is what it looks like now:


This is what the front and drawer looks like now.

Some of the sheet music had hand written notes on it that were made from a water based ink that smeared a little.  It gave it a neat effect.

So after this, I looked around to see what else had been fairly trashed, and the end table was definitely it.  I didn’t think to grab a before picture.  I got these for free a few years back from someone who knew I loved this style.  I used a newer stack of sheet music and ran across a problem; it was a different color.  Shockingly so.  The little pieces I used to face the table and the drawer were also much brighter, a bright white.  I thought back to the Moroccan Lamps I made before, where I stained Modge Podge with food coloring.  I wanted to create a brown wash, but mixing brown can be iffy, so instead I added two packets of instant coffee to it and watered it down.  I made a few test brushes and was pleased with the results.  I brushed it over it and it doesn’t match perfectly, but it looks pretty good!


I’m not thrilled with the streaks, but it doesn’t look half bad.   The sheet music had the overall desired effect of tying everything together, yes, but it also kind of gave it a little Steampunk/Victorian feel that was not at all unpleasant.  In fact, it gave me an excuse to put out the gorgeous ecru crochet doilies that my Mother-in-law Barb made me.

I really like the over all effect.  I am thinking about putting a curtain across the bookshelves and in front of the TV. I really can’t stand all the clutter.  Eventually, I think I am going to have Mike build me some bookshelves and an entertainment center that look like the Tardis with doors that close.  The cool thing is that since the Tardis travels through space and time…they would look great with Victorean era stuff!  wink wink!!

Isn’t that a great lace centerpiece?  She is super talented. I keep telling her she would make a fortune making wedding veils and selling them on Etsy.


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  1. Truly inspired idea! I can’t get ModPodge here, but I’m sure I could come up with something close. My best find was a 1920’s table and chairs, all oak, bought for $40 in PA. I sanded down and refinished the table… But over 10 years later and another country away, I still haven’t fixed up the chairs! They creak and groan as they are nail-free construction, but man I love them 🙂

    1. Here are some blogs that have some DIY Modge Podge recipes. Hopefully one of them will work for you!

      I would cherish that table and chairs!

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