Tis the Season To Be Canning

We started processing our beautiful local peaches last night. I have largely stopped using “jelly” jars to make jam; rather, I have been using pints. It is just so much easier to put 9 pints into the canner than 18 jelly jars and process. We also made 11 pints of chopped peaches. I cold packed them so they are floating in the jars.  I know that hot pack is really the way to go, but I really just didn’t feel like it.  One  of the chopped peaches exploded in the canner; the jar must have been scratched or something.  That very rarely happens.  I used my Tattler lids, so I also wonder if I tightened the lid too far.

I have some real mixed emotions on those things. I deeply appreciate they reusable nature of them, however, I have had seal failures (for the first time in my LIFE) since I Started using them. I referred to the Tattler company for help and it seems that experienced canners such as myself consistently have problems with them because you use them differently. You barely tighten them before processing and then when they come out of the canner you tighten the lids down until they cool.  Hopefully they all seal this time.   I seem to have been getting better with them as time has gone one.  They seemed like the lids were sealing last night.  We will see when I get home and pop the bands off today. It will suck to reprocess them.

I still have about 10 pounds of peaches left and have been toying with the idea of canning peach pie filling. The girls have been making peach and blackberry pies and tarts for days and I would LOVE to have this deliciousness in the middle of winter. I’ll have to check into it. I have to deal with the blackberries tonight. I always struggle with my peaches jelling. Not so much with blackberries. They are so high in natural pectin that I actually have a problem keeping them from turning into concrete. Of the 6 pints we bought, the girls already wiped out 2 and severely dented the third. Piggies.

I think I finally have enough cucumbers to do a batch of pickles. Yay! I’m going to cold pack them again. Even though they float, the flavor and texture is so much better when I cold pack them. It was a close call; we only had one jar of pickles left.  The kids really do tear through them!

Maybe this weekend I will make a large batch of ketchup or BBQ Sauce. Things are a whole lot easier using my hubby’s brewing equipment. Nice burners, big pots, and outside so I don’t die. We will see how it goes. Green beans are going to have to be dealt with soon as well.

Hard work, but good food!!

I think I’m going to post a few how to’s for making jam. People really love my canned goods.


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