Ringless Honey Mushrooms: Armillaria tabescens

Ringless honey mushrooms.


Dirty Eggs: Chanterelle style

Dirty Eggs is a delicious and eclectic dish based on scrambled eggs and whatever you happen to have on hand. This recipes uses fresh garden ingredients and chanterelle mushrooms.

Oyster Mushroom Sauce

A creamy white oyster mushroom sauce that pairs well with steak or with your favorite carbohydrate.

Mushroom Hunting In August

There are more mushrooms in the woods than just morels. There are plenty of mushrooms to find in late summer.

A Few Words on Canning Safety

I know this is going to sound petty but every time I see a photo of home canned goods stored improperly or worse, one of those prepper shows where someone TELLS viewers to store home canned goods improperly I want to scream. The lids on home canned goods are in two pieces for a reason….