A Few Words on Canning Safety

I know this is going to sound petty but every time I see a photo of home canned goods stored improperly or worse, one of those prepper shows where someone TELLS viewers to store home canned goods improperly I want to scream.

The lids on home canned goods are in two pieces for a reason. The lid and band are separate as a safety feature. When you process the food, in either a waterbath or pressure canner, you use both parts of the lids. The contents are pushed to temperatures high enough to kill bacteria and force the oxygen out of the jar. As it cools, the lids are sucked down by the vacuum created by forcing the oxygen out. With metal lids, you know when the seal has been reached when you hear the distinctive PING.

Once the item has been allowed to cool to room temperature, the bands are removed.


*IF* the contents of the jar are contaminated, as the pathogen reproduces it will create gas that will cause the seal to break. It is a built in safety feature. If you leave the band on, you effectively bypass the safety feature by forcing the lid to stay sealed.

I took pictures of my sauce when it was right out of the canner last night, and the bands are on (because if I tried to take them off at that point they would have exploded all over me) but I would NEVER EVER store them that way.

On my lunch, I was cruising around checking out some recipes and I saw page after page after page of people who store their goods with the bands on.

NEVER EVER DO THAT!!! Home canning is safe and easy IF YOU FOLLOW THE RULES! If you don’t… salmon mousse anyone?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I never knew that! But now I do.

  2. Good post! I always tell folks to remove the band, but never saw a clear explanation like this. Thanks!

  3. gaylynne ruddell says:

    you don’ want to stack your jars on top of each other either,for the same reason. false seal. botulisum kills!

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