Souvenir Smashed Penny Necklace

Who doesn’t love those smashed penny souvenirs you find at all sorts of interesting places?  I know I do!  I love them terribly! What the heck do you do with them, though?  It isn’t like they have a real function after that. There are penny collection books on the market to put them in, but that seems kind of boring. wp-1469641831426.jpg

Since I love making things, and often make jewelry, I got the idea to turn them into a necklace.  I tried putting them penny to penny and it just looked like crap and twisted. I poked around in my bead drawer and found these lovely glass crow beads in these wonderfully rich colors. I am somewhat reminded of Egyptian glass.

Chain chain chaiiiiiin! Chain of pennies.

I used my handy dandy Crop-A-Dile nipper smasher snap setter extraordinaire to put holes in the pennies. This actually proved to be a bit of a challenge as I didn’t want to take too much of the image.

Once I got all of the holes punched, I put them all in a box so they would come out in random order, and direction.  I wanted the necklace to be every bit the adventure their acquirement was.

I used a 28 gauge copper wire and made a very simple link. I went through the penny hole, made a loop on the plyers, leaving plenty of tail to warp, and then wrapped the tail around the loop.  Added a bead in the middle, then repeated on the other side of the bead.  Simplicity itself!

Beautiful copper penny necklace.

The beauty of this (aside from the fact that it looks really fabulous when the sun hits it!!) is that I can continue to add pennies to it!. I just have to remove the barrel clasp, and keep on keeping on. I am VERY fond of ridiculously long necklaces that I loop over and over, so until it gets over eight feet long, I’m good!
I’m very fond of it, and already worn it out a few times. I got several compliments on it and only one person knew what it was. My only regret is that once upon a time I used to scratch the years on the back of the pennies, so some of them are marred on the back. It isn’t a huge detriment and I’m thinking of letting it patina a bit to even that out.

Someone noted that the links I made would be really excellent spinners for fishing lures. Hmmmm!!  I might just have to give that a go!


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  1. Oh my goodness how did you get so many! I have ONE – and I’ve had it at least 35 years. I found it, too! This is perfect Americana, you could sell it to tourists 🙂

    1. That’s a whole lot of traveling represented right there. I make a point of finding them.

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