Wild Caught Trout- Baked Whole

Wild caught trout, baked whole with lemons and herbs. A simple, easy and delicious recipe!


Stinging Nettels- Urtica dioica, Urtica urens, and Laportea canadensis

Stinging nettle is a common plant that causes a painful sting, and is also a super healthy wild edible. A great plant to know when camping, hiking, or backpacking to extend your rations and lighten your load.

“Chicken” Two Ways

Vegetarian Fried “Chicken” and “Chicken Parm” recipes for the “Chicken of the Woods” mushroom, L. cincinnatus. Creative and delicious recipes for an amazing and usually abundant mushroom. Low carb, low calorie, high protein.

Morel Manicotti 

Foraged morel mushrooms are transformed into a delicious Italian classic dish; morel manicotti. An alternative to frying; this recipe elevates morels to new culinary heights.