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My husband and I are food snobs.  We grow a lot of our own food, and we are both fantastic cooks. We do a lot of canning and food preservation and when you are used to fresh, real and actually ripe, your taste buds change.

My husband will also do a craft beer review. He used to drink Miller light, once upon a time.  Now that he brews his own beer, he turns his nose up at most beer including many craft beers.  He is brital with his craft beer reviews.

One might say we have refined tastes.  This makes us very critical when we go out to eat and drink. It better be good.  We have been talking for some time about blogging our dining experiences and after a recent horrible disgusting occurrence, I actually got around to it. I say I, but this is very much a we sort of situation.

So these are the parameters:

No chain restaurants- only independently owned restaurants reviewed.

  • The good, the bad and the ugly- call it like it is, 100% honesty.
  • Name names- I’m a customer dammit! If your restaurant sucks, I’m not sugar coating it.
  •  Documentation- if the service is bad you better believe I am taking photos.  I cover faces, but you give me a dirty plate and I’m taking a picture of it and posting it.  That means if I didn’t take a lot of pics, it was a good dining experience.
  • Service- I’m not even going to lie. My husband and I dress extremely casual.  If you give me bad service based on our appearance, I’ll call you out on it.  If you decide to (and this always happens) hand me the mountain of food meant for my skinny husband and try to give him my healthy food, I’m gonna call you out on it.
  • Management- If I have to speak with management, how do they handle it?
  • Cleanliness- Is it clean? What about the restrooms?
  • Ambiance- What is the atmosphere like?

So follow us on our adventures.  I should mention that we don’t dine out very often, and when we do it is usually to proven places.  Don’t expect a new restaurant a week.  Expect a real, raw and honest review.  We have a backlog of restaurants to review, so there will be a lot of them in the next few weeks, and then it will taper off.

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  1. Cindy Zietlow says:

    Thanks! Love it!

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